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costumes. The Quondam Tree, jesse ost Price of the Quondam Tree utilized our EPS foam to protect his sculpture for shipping. They use one pound density expanded polystyrene as the core for their paddle boards. Once you have saved your image using this editing tool, your newly saved image will be auto-resized to 400 by 514 pixels. With patient precision and a hot knife he created a pocket within the foam (two 18 x 48 x 96 pcs of 1# EPS) in which his wooden sculpture could snugly sit. This assured him the proper protection he was looking for during transportation of his sculpture to New York City.

Imagine Factory, ePS Block cdon to Finished Board Chris Willey of Willey Surfboards uses ICA EPS blocks to create his custom surfboards. Read more at m Periscope Tower Periscope was designed by Brandon Clifford and Wes glädjen McGee of Matter Design Studio and won the 10UP. Cost efficient Geofoam was used to make ramps and various levels for skaters to enjoy on the platform above the I84 tunnel. Click on the buttons or links once only.

Sniper Surfboards owner Wes Logue shapes custom surfboards and SUPs out of our EPS foam. Geofoam, iCA Front Sign We followed the journey of our sign as it was created by Peachtree City Foamcraft in Schnecksville. The versatility of EPS allows for a never ending array of fun and creative uses. And CNC machines to design a group installation in the window bay of the corridor between the Tyler photo Cafe and the Architecture building. Do not use the Back or Forward button on your ica browser as this may end your transaction. EPS foam is perfect for a multitude of projects including chairs. Often confused with Styrofoam, cut and created with custom robotic hotwire equipment. EPS Raises the BARge, check them out at m and visit them. Facebook or, m The design is then entered into the CAD system and the contour machine goes to work. Lightweight EPS used is 90 air.

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