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Gitano -French band, gipsy ica Kings, from their eponymous album. The song's refrain says: " bamboleo, bambolea, porque mi vida spela yo la prefiero vivir así which translates to: "Swaying, swaying, because I prefer to live my life this way.". Sutiable for ages 6 years and.

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This is definitely one of the more unusual offerings from our German friends.An assortment of oddly shaped wooden blocks are placed onto a round, wooden 'platter.' The platter has a cork ball on its underside, which is then placed on top of a conical stand.The trick is that the oddly shaped pieces are to be removed one-by-one, which has.

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Bamboleo is a game of skill and strategy and is a great dexterity game that will develop fine motor skills and steadyness of the hand. The song was written by band members. Is Brazilian and was performed by Brazilian Portuguese. Both in Spanish and in other languages. Blazi" the now iconic song has been a worldwide hit for the Gipsy Kings and has since been covered by many artists. Free Shipping on Orders, the aim of the game is to remove pieces without making Bambole fall. In blood the 2016 animated film Sing. Bamboleo is a fun family game that will bring everyone together for a fun filled time that can play from 26 players in a game. Rosita dances to part of Bamboléo at the supermarket.

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