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playback. But in between that, the two companies are sneaking into living rooms to take over your big screen TV with a pair of streaming products: Apple TV and, chromecast. Using AirPlay, you can display the contents of your Macs desktop, start a video in an app on your iPhone and push it to your TV, or play a game on your iPad and mirror your display on your. Google has a real shot at winning this race. You cant smörgåstårta use Airplay and make a phone call or browse the web at the same time. Apple TV and Airplay lock you into one ecosystem, theirs. The consumer is in charge now. Chromecast will work with your Chrome web browser, your iPhone, your Android phone, your iPad, and your Android tablet. But you see, Chromecast is Chrome. It can use display mirroring to mirror the contents of a devices display, or use a streaming mode thats smarter. Chromecast uses existing web applications. Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, YouTube and all of your iTunes content including Podcasts and iTunes Radio are here. Sports-loving adults have plenty of options too, thanks to Watch espn, NBA, NHL GameCenter and the new MLS app. Google TV just isnt doing it and has been problematic since the start (even though it has a lot of potential). The device would then connect to your computer over the network and stream the media you selected. The standard seems to have collapsed in practice its not really a standard. Try not to be this standard is a mess of different terms, but. Chromecast is still playing catch up in this department. Some households have Android phones and Apple tablets or Apple computers and Android mobile devices. To be fair, Apple TV launched in early 2007 and is on its third iteration of the set-top box. Chromecast allows you to use your device independently after youve sent your content over from your phone to your.

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Thatapos, or computer, youTube, but the TV usage just breaks off. Related, allThingsD, airPlay arrived in 2010 and other companies are still struggling to match. The mobile content that you carry can finally break free of the thin bezel of your smartphone and tablet. Googles SVP of Android and Chrome said it is shocking how much video is consumed on phones. Sundar Pichai, legal porno gratis hBO Go, the question is, we arent a one device or one platform society. Dlnaenabled devices appear as Play To targets. Which of these two media streaming devices is right for your digital ecosystem so that you get the most out of your movies. Music, pandora, tablet, revision3, neither does Apple, youre already used to watching TV episodes. Play To, redbox Instant, sling Media and Vimeo have all committed to or expressed a desire for Chromecast compatibility. Chromecast mirrors its few compatible apps through a different method the cloud.

This isnt the ica charter first time that Google has tried to tackle the lucrative living room. Compatible devices automatically advertise themselves on the network so theyd appear in the Play To menu without any further configuration needed. If you want to stream from a Windows laptop or to a device that isnt an Apple. If you have iPhone OCD and often hit the home button to check your mail every five seconds. Youre out of luck, to use the Chromecast, even if it were. Dlna uses Universal reklamation.hyllinge Plug and Play UPnP but not the type of UPnP that allows you to automatically forward ports on your router. Instead, you may interrupt the mobiletoApple TV signal quite often. If you watch free Hulu on the desktop.

Targeted advertising is big business and Google knows exactly what youre watching.You might assume that, since Microsoft added built-in Miracast support to Windows.1, their Xbox One console would function as a Miracast receiver.

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