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push for actions. The case was turned over to the NJ spca in September of 2013but nothing more was heard about it until recently when media attention began to make a fuss. Piecing together photographs and videos from Thors Facebook page as well as the page Stop Monica Thors, it appears that Thors overfed her horses, which led to crippling and severe founder. Correction: The usda is incorrectly stated to have been involved in preliminary farm inspections. Japanese porn videos, including. If she is found guilty, she faces a maximum of a 2000 fine and up to 12 months in jail, or community service. And this is where it gets really weirdThors seems to consider herself an expert in rehabilitating foundered horses by removing a large part of the hoof, using nippers and power tools. EST: The, stop Monica Thors Facebook page is reporting that seven horses and one goat are now being removed from the property by the NJ spca and the Department of Agriculture. News Associated Press, escort says oligarch now has tapes on Russia interference. Yahoo Canada Original Videos, weird new eats at this year's CNE. The two remaining horses in more critical condition were then removed to a clinic in Maryland where they are being treated. Wildfires has grounded flights across the province. (While comments like this in abuse situations are likely intended to show support, they also tend to reveal how passion can blind logic, and can sometimes actually undo any good being done in legal action if theyre acted upon.). Abuse charges regarding the horses are likely to be filed soon. She reportedly cuts and sands the foot away until theres essentially nothing left; horses have bled out or died from infections from being cut down to the bone. Everywhere, the horses are wrapped up to their knees, suggesting that theyve experienced one of Thors own treatments. Other horrifying videos have surfaced of Thors and a groom pushing/pulling a horse around a tiny barnyard; the horse is bandaged in vet-wrap up to its knees and is hobbling along on its fetlock joints. During a campaign-style rally Thursday southeast of Montreal, the woman shouted questions in French at Trudeau, asking him when the federal government would repay Quebec for costs it has incurred as a result of an influx of "illegal immigrants" coming over the Canada-U.S.

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And perhaps breeder, briefly as a driver, we will continue updating this post as the situation develops. For Canada, this is a disturbing story that may not be klein suitable for some readers. Ive tried to sift the facts from hyperbole.

Or suspended from the ceiling in slings. Between the spring of 2013 and now. Rumors are circulating that these animals too are being abused and social media is calling comedy for further investigation by the spca. Details of their condition are not confirmed but they are said to be in bad shape and its unknown if they will recover. Visibly overweight and lame, reportedly, trudeau, riddle in Maryland. The njspca is coming under fire from the public for the apparent delay in doing anything about this case. Shes posted videos to YouTube of her horses being lunged. Many never made it there in the first place. Trudeau made the comments when asked whether he went too far in accusing a Quebec woman of racism and intolerance as she heckled him last week during a rally in Quebec. Trending Now, of concern now are the reports that Thors is keeping several dogs and cats on the property.

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