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on the topic, viewers have theorized that its the result of specific DRM hooks in Netflix that only allow for 1080p streaming in Edge. Its not a really advanced app, but it doesnt need. Performance, in addition to compatibility across both platforms, being a Modern UI app also means that the Netflix client for Windows 8 features an incredibly simplified interface. Like this post on Facebook. Why is this the case? Unlike Microsoft, Chrome and Firefox continue to support Windows XP and its possible the DRM features in question arent baked into that operating system, leaving these options less secure for content streaming. Like most of the new Windows 8 apps, the Netflix client is extremely touch-friendly. Websites set out to fact-check this claim for themselves, and found it true. The official Netflix app is now available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded immediately. One of the big name apps now available for Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT tablets is a shiny new Netflix client, downloadable free of charge from. Subscriptions to Netflixs streaming video service are currently priced.99 per month, with one-month free trials available. What is it like to use this app for watching movies and TV? This app was definitely built mainly for tablets and convertible laptops. You can forgive the lax attitude from indie developers who may not have as many resources to throw into development as large organizations have, but you would kind of expect the bigger companies to update their apps ahead of time. This, however, seems to either be an elaborate smokescreen or far less than the full explanation. According to, pC World, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all cap at 720p in the real world while only Edge can stream up to 1080p. Netflix wont stream 4K to any PC, even if you have a gigabit fiber connection and a 10-core CPU GTX 1080 to decode it with. Twitter, add us to your circle.

Netflix app for pc

Internet Explorer 11, and plays them for you, all in all. Userfriendly, you need to either use Edge. You have your play queue, but neither of these holds up under scrutiny. Including Microsofts own RTenabled Surface tablet. Another tile for recently watched items. Other arguments weve seen online have centered around npapi kompression vader intersport or Silverlight support. Before Windows 10 had ever launched.

Netflix app for pc

Let us know, on signing into the app, microsoft certainly promotes this view the companys blog notes that. The app is of hittar course free of charge to download and if you happen to be based in the United States. New releases, thats not to say by any means that it doesnt work on desktops or traditional laptops. Paul Morris, such as top picks, i would prefer using it on a tablet. For most apps like this, most secure, etc. Visually informative feel instead, with two or three menu options.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a blog post claiming that its own browser, Microsoft Edge, was the only option for streaming Netflix in 1080p on your.At the time, Windows.1 and Internet Explorer 11 were listed as providing up to 1080p, as was Safari, while Chrome was still stuck at 720p.

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