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Webdesign trends

The main webdesign trends to be closely watched by web agencies. These trends are inspirational bases for creative ideas in graphic design and ergonomic design. Webdesign agencies propose graphic trends but also trends around the user experience in graphic design.

architecture of your website

The architecture of your website

L’architecture d’un site Web tel que Métier Serrurier est l’un des éléments de base qui assurent sa fonctionnalité.

  • Prioritization of a website to be done from the stage of creation of the website
  • Optimization of SEO by segmenting your different categories and content
  • Make sub-pages if the intention is unique, otherwise make combinations

Creating a corporate identity

The visual identity is the logo, but also the graphic charter, i.e. the fonts and colours on all your media.

These are the graphic elements that will allow your customers to find you in the blink of an eye among a multitude of competitors. Your identity allows you to differentiate yourself from others but also to develop your notoriety. It also allows you to convey your values and the positioning you adopt.

Your website should highlight your principles, values and promises. Define your strategy, your objectives and your organization.
When you call on a digital agency to create your visual identity, provide them with as much information as possible about your concept in a specification. Don’t hesitate to share your preferences or tastes for a better choice of your graphic design.

Creating a corporate identity

Graphic basics of a website
Web development


Typographic exploration

Finding the right typeface for a custom website like Conseil Electricité is often a real headache. Great typography is an effective way to communicate your brand message.

Logo design
Logo design

Logo design

Design of a professional high-resolution logo, customized for your company. The logo is the image that conveys a clear and concise message about your corporate image.

Graphic charter
Graphic charter

Graphic charter

A graphic charter is the basic support of any visual communication. It brings together and translates graphically the whole universe and all the values of the company.


Visual communication

Customized solutions to get the company's messages across to its clients by using the right communication tools


Pictograms are graphic symbols used in health and safety signage in the workplace to indicate specific behaviour.

Web Design
UX & UI Design

UI UX Web Design

The webdesigner professions have evolved and we now make the difference between the UX designer (user eXperience) and the UI designer (user interface). If the first works on the user experience, the second is interested in the design of the product interface. These web designers have to adapt new technologies to their different clients: e-commerce website, e-shop, mobile applications… The UI designer is the link between man and machine. His first objective is the efficiency of his creations to offer the user web interfaces that respect the digital strategy of the company and its communication plan.

The web designers showed creativity, reactivity, rigour and the strength of their proposals during the creation of the Renovation Batterie Outils website. They must have a sense of observation and good interpersonal skills. They must also have the taste and ability to work in a team but also a sense of communication.

A custom Web Design is more efficient than a Template.

Strengthens credibility

Increasing your credibility on the web is an essential condition for the success of your business.

Minimizes limitations

Templates are rigid and are not adapted to support all features of the website.

Promotes compatibility

A custom webdesign is compatible with all browsers unlike a template design.

Indexing a website

Ensure that your website is optimized according to search engine requirements.